A Platonic, Reusable Approach to Conference Structures

Tasked with creating a branded, immersive experience for the United States of Women Convention, Made to Matter had a vision of simple, elemental structures with low visual impact. Structures so simple that they would be able to be reused in community greenhouses.

We were tasked with prefabricating the convention structures including long benches, chairs, tables, flat walls, walls that were shelves, walls with spinning discs, and walls that had mirrored surfaces mounted to them.

Based on the inspiration sketches, we created detailed drawings to inform the prefabrication process.

The furniture and structures were designed to have a low visual impact. We wanted the visitors to see the tectonics, to give them the supernatural ability to see how things worked. Translucent polycarbonate panels were the perfect material to expose the wooden structure below.

A key structural element for the convention walls, these discs with rods coming out had a big flat base. The rods themselves would be covered with polycarbonate panels; no one would trip over such a flat base.

Everything was packed along with detailed construction documents and shipped to Los Angeles.