An Earthly Reception

Made to Matter specializes in creating branded environments. Simone Kessler had an idea for their client Mosaic’s reception area: a shard of desk, like a piece of pie. A mixture of nature and future.

We were up to the challenge. We developed the idea: the desk would have no legs, and would sit on a block of rammed earth.

Rammed earth is not ordinarily something that people move. It is traditionally built on location. We needed our rammed earth specialists to prefabricate a cube and work with us to move it into the Mosiac offices. We requested multiple layers of different sediment so that the cube would look like a core sample, extracted straight from the earth.

Successfully moving this cube of earth was quite a production. We ended up relying on techniques reminiscent of the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. But we did it.

The base of the desk features LED lighting to add to the futuristic glow.

To further incorporate the idea of nature dancing with the future, we enlisted the help of LightForm to project 3D-mapped images onto the nearby cactus, creating the effect of light pulsating through them.