Forge Wall in the Lobby

The Forge Wall is part of a series of feature walls that DEKA has created, including the Wave Wall and Atmospheric Video Wall. While each of these custom projects brings their own aesthetics and technical requirements, the goal is always to bring expressive, branded, architectural elements into the office’s public space. 

Architecture and interior design firm, Canopy Project Management, recruited DEKA with the initial concept for a freestanding pony wall for robotics startup, Rapid Robotics’ entryway. The original sketch laid out the desired aesthetic for the wall, but the specifics of the design were impractical and would have been prohibitively expensive to produce. DEKA offered a more practical, affordable take on their vision without compromising visual impact.

The final design features individually-programmed light boxes that illuminate laser-cut details in a hollow steel-framed wall. DEKA worked with electronics engineer, Zach Radding, to program the micro-controllers which cast shifting patterns of red and white light across both faces of the wall. The light boxes are mounted to translucent, acrylic-backed cutouts of the company logo – a stylized letter R – and the company name. A solid walnut bench wraps around one end of the wall and the cutout pattern is mirrored, front and back.

DEKA completed the build off-site. The heavy steel framing provides the necessary stability, while an economical, lightweight steel skin enabled ease of installation.