Known for reflective, large-scale sculptural installations of acrylic and steel, Kirsten Berg was commissioned by Burning Man to create a sculpture for the annual event. According to her artist statement, Berg uses her art to shift perspective into a broader view, by revealing the illusion of boundary between viewer and object, personal and collective. 

She reached out to us with a schematic drawing of metal butterfly. She had a vision of what she wanted to create, but no idea how to make it happen.

As is the first step of all our projects, we discussed the feasibility of different options and created detailed drawings to inform the fabrication.

Using a laser cutter, we cut sheet metal into detailed, lacy butterfly wings.

To create the feeling of a butterfly, spindly legs were a must. But Burning Man is a windy place. We worked with her to design legs that would stand up to the wind while retaining her artistic vision.

The steel was coated with iridescent powder that comes alive in outdoor environments.

As with all of our projects, each element was prefabricated in our shop. We provided detailed construction documents so that (almost) anyone would be able to put together this unique structure.