New developments in many cities are subject to a public art ordinance. Many of these public art installations are perfunctory additions to the space. We partnered with Madison Park and neighborhood artist Jill McLennan to integrate art into the very structure of this live-work community.

Working with drawings from Jill McLennan, we were tasked with creating the metalwork to attach the artwork to the facade. Always one to push the boundaries of traditional construction, we asked, “Instead of attaching art to the facade, what if the art was the facade?”

The plan saved money and material: now there was no need for a separate facade. We developed plans that integrated the necessary guardrail and a handrail for the catwalk.

To further integrate Jill McLennan’s art into the building, we created custom screens for the doors and the security screens.

Functional art pieces like this serve to inspire every day. We are passionate about integrating art into public and private spaces.